Making Your Proposal Timeless

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Wide Angle Lens

While practice makes perfect, Ring Cam’s wide angle lens will help ensure your shot captures that essential shot.


When you propose there is only one button on the top of the box to start recording.

Ring Cam's Finishing Touch

Ring Cam can add the finishing touch to perfect your proposal. Save a copy of your video on your computer, and our top of the line editors can turn your moment into gold!

Ring Cam Makes It Easy

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Push the only button on top to record, charge and play the video with a port on the side. Leave the rest to us.

Superior Audio

Capture every word. From the beginning of the speech to the all important “Yes”

High-Def Video Footage

Not only is your video in high-quality, our wide angle lens will turn your shaky hand into a work of art you’ll play over and over again.


Ring Cam Editing

Ring Cam will edit your videos for any occasion. Our top of the line editors will work with you to make a product you’ll share for years to come.

Cherish YES Forever

What Our Customers Are Saying.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

We can’t recreate the exact moment I dropped to one knee to propose to Liz. But the Ring Cam gets us as close as we can get!  Joe Brandonisio

“Its awesome to relive the pure joy I felt that moment. My family and friends watch it over and over all the time. “ Liz Van Oss

“The Ring Cam was so easy to use especially with how excited and nervous I was. We’ll be able to watch this video forever.” David Webster

You'll Never Miss

Our engineers have put hours of work into perfecting the camera quality and placement. The wide angle lens will make you hit your mark, in fantastic high definition footage.
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How It Works

Short and Sweet

Rent It

Specify your Delivery Date and we’ll have it on your doorstep or at the resort you’re staying at. It’s in discrete packaging so nobody will know.


Record It

Call our team for any tips or questions you may have, we’re with you every step of the way to help you capture the moment.

Return It

When your three weeks are up, put the Ring Cam in the stamped envelope we provide you and drop it in your  mailbox.

Chat With Us

Confused? Don’t sweat it. Call Ring Cam if you have any questions. Oh yeah, and we text.

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One Press and Ring Cam Does The Rest

Looks got you this far but sweet talk seals the deal. Ring Cam starts recording when you press the button so that you can show how it’s really done.


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Ask Us Anything!

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We Have Answers!

Is it too late to order?

No way! We offer a variety of shipping options to get it there as early as tomorrow morning! We can also have your Ring Cam meet you at your hotel or resort.

Does It Record Audio?

Of Course! What’s a video without audio?

How Long Do I Keep The Rental?

We let you hold on to it for three weeks before we charge you a late fee, but we are flexible!

How Do I know If My Ring Cam Is Charging?

Plug the Ring Cam into your computer and press the button if a green light does not appear. Be sure to remove any accidental videos during the charging process.

Can you send it in discrete packaging?

All Ring Cam’s are sent in an envelope that has no Ring Cam evidence on the outside. The text and envelope looks like anything you would order online.

Does it work at night?

Yes and No. The Ring Cam can record in low light, and works great at sunset and cloudy  days. The Ring Cam does not have night vision…(Yet!)

How Do I watch the videos?

There is a USB port on the side of the box. Plug it into your computer with the provided cable and your files will be on the Ring Cam.

How Do I Get The Best Footage?

The less you think about it, the better it works! The best advice we can give you is to not look into the camera.

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